About PasteSoft

This is a little "door" that will allow you to enter in our digital world. From here, we hope that we will start a new trip together, around and inside the difficult and challenging IT Integration Software Business. We don't want to bore anyone, so let us introduce ourselves briefly.

PasteSoft is a dream, a vision shared between people that decided to take advantage of their own international experience to create something a little bit different from today's business environment. We'd like to share this vision with you and all the people like us, interested on changing things, not afraid from challenges, believe in the power of knowledge, someone that cares about networking and community support.

Our Lab

PasteSoft has decided to keep all their projects, ideas and plans in one place, so that we could play a bit with all that stuff together or seperate. So we made a working lab (a playroom in our case), and we like to call it Red Leash Gang. If you are in any way interested to see what do we do, don't think too long, it's just one click away.

Visit Our Lab


Feel free to email us for any information or just to say hello!

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